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Cherry Picker Hire

Cherry Picker Hire

WowNow Hire provides a wide range of Cherry pickers (Diesel, Battery or Bi-Fuel), Telescopic Boom Lifts, Mast Boom Lifts, Spider Boom Lifts, Truck, Trailer and Van Mounted Boom Hire. Cherry pickers ' reach range starts at 6m up to in excess of 55 metres.

Our Cherry pickers Hire range includes all well-known manufacturers such as Genie, JLG, Nifty, Skyjack and Snorkel, Aero, Sinoboom, Zoomlion, LGMG, Haulotte.

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Cherry Picker Hire

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The different types of cherry picker

A cherry picker is easily recognised by its long extendable arm (or boom) with cradle at the end but did you know that there are several different types available? Depending on where you need to get to and what you intend to do when there will determine the type of cherry picker hire you’ll need to complete the job.

The good news is that WowNow Hire has access to a wide range of cherry pickers for hire including:

When planning your cherry picker hire it is important to think about who is going to be using it and for what. Although most will have a cradle at the end it is possible to have an array of different attachments fitted including pallet forks, a muck grab or even a winch.

In addition to the fruit picking industry where the idea first came from (see below history of the cherry picker) and the utilities industry where the cherry picker really took off, there are many more industries that use cherry pickers as part of everyday life.

They are typically found in the building and construction industry but you will also see cherry pickers being used in warehouses – for the installation, maintenance and repair of warehouse racking, lights, heating units or other components found at elevated heights. Other uses within warehouses include the cherry picker having a specialised forklift attachment fitted which is then used for selecting items from elevated heights in warehouse racking to fulfil order picking requirements.

The cleaning industry is another large user of the cherry picker. This is because it is far safer and more efficient to use a cherry picker over ladders and/or scaffolding for high access cleaning jobs. Finally, one of the more unusual industries to adopt the cherry picker is film and TV where they are used to capture high angled shots on film.

For those who use them, there is no doubt that the cherry picker is one of the most important industrial inventions and one of the most useful pieces of machinery in the world. Everyone knows what they do but not many people will know where the name cherry picker came from, how and when they were developed and whose idea it was.

Invented in 1944 the cherry picker is a fairly modern invention – and you are right to assume that cherries are involved! Jay Eitel, a frustrated cherry picker in California, spent the summer of 1944 picking cherries by hand and after the tedious experience of continuously having to move a ladder decided that it was time for a more efficient method.

Eitel spent his evenings and weekends designing and perfecting his prototype cherry picker. By 1953 he had founded Telsta Corporation and was commercially producing cherry pickers for the utilities and communications industry.

Over the course of 22 years Jay Eitel was granted 65 patents relating to cherry pickers and he continued to develop new ideas up until his retirement in 1976. A bit like his cherry pickers, Eitel's invention soared to new heights – as is evident today with the many different types of cherry picker available and their use across multiple industries.

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