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Festivals & Events

In the world of Festivals and Events everything has to happen reliably and on time

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In the world of Festivals and Events everything has to happen reliably and on time. Efficient support for after the occasion is just as important as before.

The often chaotic world of setting up a Festival or Event is important to understand in terms of how hired equipment, facilities, towers, security, waste services and so on are delivered and coordinated.

We understand your challenges and will provide certainty and management over the full diverse range of hired needs. We will provide all the necessary information and certification and will include cost-management and project management as part of our service.

This means that you can rely on us to get everything hire-related sorted for your site.

We leverage a very broad Supply Chain that delivers through 9,000 depots across all parts of the UK, Ireland and into Europe, across over 5 million products.

We have expert staff with over 20 years’ experience and knowledge across all aspects of hire including health and safety, certification and transport.

We have worked with festivals and events for over 20 years.

We take a managed approach to all that we do, from taking the order and programme, to off-hire and invoicing.

Why we call ourselves WowNow
WowNow was chosen because we wanted a bold name that conveys who we are and what we deliver for our customers. WowNow means exceptional service delivered with certainty, reliability, ease and speed.

  • The ‘Wow’ certainty and reliability are represented by our ability to satisfy any order across all products anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and our excellent service delivery
  • The ‘Now’ ease and speed reflects our same day and last-minute hire delivery service and guaranteed off-hire promise.

We continue to deliver excellent customer service and are proud of the enthusiastic feedback we get from our customers via Trustpilot.

We explore improvements in what we do continuously, to wow our customers, to justify our WowNow name, and maintain our excellent Trustpilot score.

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