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POP UP Products

POP UP began life as NSG in 1973 (before demerging from the company in 2005) producing aluminium access towers. Since then they have expanded their operations and product line to become a market leader in Self-Powered access and scaffold tower systems. Their products include the Eiger scaffold tower range and the innovative MI Tower.

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POP UP Products History

POP UP began life in the UK as NSG in 2001, producing aluminium access towers. Their first product, the EIGER 500 tower system, introduced a lightweight and easy to assemble scaffold tower to the access market. In 2005, after a long period of research and development, NSG revealed the original Pop Up Lift, a push-around mini scissor lift, shortly afterwards POP UP PRODUCTS demerged to become an individual business. POP UP unveiled the MI TOWER in 2013, labelled as the World’s first one-man tower which allowed scaffold access towers to be erected by an individual in less than 15 minutes.

Today, POP UP is a globally recognised brand and are still innovating with new products and systems.

POP UP released the World’s first one-man assembly access tower. The MI TOWER can enable a single worker to build a tower in under 10 minutes. The product transformed workflows, jobs could be completed faster and more cost effectively.

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