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Best Companies 2023 - What a Result

On November 2nd 2023, we were invited up to Evolution london, to attend the Best Companies Awards 2023. 

Best Companies founder and CEO Jonathan Austin said

“Our Best Companies to Work for Lists recognise and celebrate all of the organisations who are helping to make the world a better workplace. The Lists represent the commitment that these organisations show every day to their employees and how they have put investing in their people strategies at the forefront of their company culture.

Companies that prioritise their employees and organisational health will inevitably find success. By continuing to innovate their practices, improve their business strategies, and find new ways to show their employees how valued they are, these organisations are leading the way in engagement.

To make the Best Companies List is a remarkable accomplishment and [insert company name] should be proud of all that they have achieved this year.” 

It was a great night meeting some inspiring businesses, but to top it all off we were given the 'Most Improved' award for the small business category.

The following morning, COO Mark Burton, shared his thoughts with the wntire business.

"Dear all,

I just wanted to take a moment today to say how chuffed I was to attend the 2023 Best Companies Awards last night with 8 of our friends and colleagues, all from across different areas of the business and representing their teams.

 Last night we as a team won the ‘Best Improver’ category for the 2023 awards, I was especially pleased as it’s only taken me two weeks since I joined you all! 😊

However, in all seriousness, these awards are a great testament to the people who work around us. Each of you are the building blocks of our business and last night was just the most recent step in the upward trajectory of where we’re taking the company.

You, our team, are what makes us different from our competitors, your knowledge, skills, care and integrity are what I’m looking for to drive customers, suppliers and even future colleagues to come and engage with us.

Thank you and congratulations to us all."