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Critical Services: heading off crisis with opportunity

Nationwide Hire (WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire) provides immediate emergency hire and support when it’s needed in ‘Critical Services’, an umbrella term embracing companies operating in the nuclear, oil and gas, energy and renewables industry.

President John F. Kennedy once said: ‘When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters – one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity.’

Helping you deal with an emergency situation or crisis is our opportunity to take responsibility for the immediate sourcing of any plant, equipment, tools, services and supplies you need, from debris clearance to environmental monitoring. We thrive on challenges and relish the opportunity to show you that our same day challenge is not just a paperwork exercise.

Stock, resources, or geography will not restrict us. Our overriding goal at Nationwide Hire is keeping critical services support coming. Temporary power, emergency accommodationplant, access equipment, cleaning equipment, waste and debris removal, tools, drinking water, breathing apparatus, escape equipment or specialist skills.

Be prepared for the unexpected

We make hundreds of same-day deliveries every week turning stressed Critical Services Support Managers and sceptical buyers with immediate operational needs into satisfied customers who can rely on our delivery and then focus on the situation at hand. Oil refineries, power stations, nuclear plants – operational continuity is critical.

We offer clear and transparent charging which means no surprises or unwelcome costs. As a leading, national emergency hire business we actively maintain a supplier network of over 9,000 UK delivery locations with access to over 5 million products. When service is critical, we find solutions – instantly.