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Don’t kiss your kit goodbye: improve site security and lock in your profits


Valuable equipment, tools, plant and materials on any construction site are a prime target for criminals with intent on stealing them. According to a survey by a leading UK insurer, in 2016 over £70M worth of construction and plant machinery was stolen from sites across the UK. What apparently makes expensive plant and machinery more attractive to thieves is that it’s often difficult for the police to identify and return it to owners so recovery rates are lower at around 10%, compared to motor vehicles at around 60%.

Research by the CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) identified that theft is the most common crime in construction, with 21% experiencing theft every week and 92% affected weekly, monthly or annually.  Industry losses could be as much as £800 million a year when you account for all associated costs including increased insurance premiums and project delays.

Public safety and Duty of Care

As well as discouraging and preventing theft, vandalism can be avoided and public safety improved with better site security. Temporary security fencing prevents the general public taking a short cut across your site and being exposed to the hazards that any construction site poses. If a member of the general public comes onto your site and injures themselves, you could be held legally responsible for any injuries if you failed to take the necessary measures to keep people off the site and reduce risks for unwanted site visitors.
So, what steps could you take today to make and keep your site secure and safe? To quickly and securely enclose the site, there are several durable temporary security fencing or hoarding options:

1. Temporary security hoarding panels

Solid corrugated UPVC or galvanised steel security hoarding panels clip together to provide a robust site screen that is both safe and secure. Measuring 2.1m wide, panels are stabilised with braces and ballast and built to withstand 70mph wind speeds. Vehicle, security and pedestrian access gates are available along with privacy infills and anti-tamper couplers.

For any short term need, such as a construction site, outdoor event or festival, temporary security fencing is an ideal, affordable solution that can be quickly installed. Temporary security fencing can also incorporate pedestrian gates and controlled vehicle gates.

2. Public safety and crowd control barriers

The metal crowd control barrier is used as a temporary measure to control pedestrian flow and contain public access at sporting events, business parks or on site environments. With fixed leg or base plate options, standing 1.2m tall and 2.3m wide, barriers use a hook & eye interlocking system that allows them to be set up and taken down quickly.

3. Mesh perimeter fencing

Finished in galvanised steel, at 2.0m high and 3.5m wide with reinforced corners, this round top mesh fencing panel is the strongest available security perimeter for a construction site. Options available include the HSE recommended 151 system that incorporates hi-visibility blocks to reduce the risk of trip hazards and anti-tamper couplers that provide additional security. Able to withstand wind speeds of up to 100 mph when used with the correct bracing and ballast.

Preventing vandalism and tool and equipment theft might also require more than security fencing around your site perimeter.  Robust storage solutions such as shipping containers and anti-vandal stores provide a more secure option for storing tools and equipment overnight or at weekends.

Shipping containers for secure storage

Designed for the harsh marine environment, shipping containers are an extremely cost effective and secure option for on-site storage requirements. They provide a tough steel construction solution to site storage in a range of different sizes. Traditionally 6m long, 2.4m wide and 2.6m tall, High Cube containers give you extra head room or Double Length containers can accommodate large loads. The doors are secured with waist high locking bars and a high security lock box that shrouds the padlock and protects the container from forced entry.

Anti vandal stores

Anti vandal stores offer an even greater degree of security compared to standard steel shipping containers.  These robust units have an integral locking mechanism that secures at top and bottom and in the hinged area of each door so padlocks are not required. Available in 6m, 7m, 9m, 10m and 12m lengths, anti vandal stores can be stacked to make the most of limited space.

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