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Feeling that heat?

Halloween’s behind us, temperatures are dropping and we’re turning on the heating. Or in some cases, not! If your office boiler’s failed to come back to life this autumn and you’re waiting for a fix, a fast and easy option is hiring in emergency or temporary heating.

And if you’re the boss, you’ve an obligation under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, to keep temperatures at a ‘reasonable’ level. That’s at least 16 degrees Celsius. If work is physically rigorous, slightly less, at 13 degrees. It’s not a legal requirement but as a responsible employer, you’ll naturally want your staff to feel comfortable.

Whether you’re managing a small retail unit or running a large warehouse or factory, here are some of the different heating solutions for hire that could suit your space and business needs.

  • Direct gas fired heaters are powerful, reliable, economical, and ideal for emergencies and situations that need temporary heat.
  • Warm air heaters range from small electric radiators right through to specialist indirect fired high capacity site heaters.
  • Portable electric heaters can be small, compact and mobile and are great for small offices and shops. High capacity industrial units suit larger, open plan spaces or warehouses and factories.
  • There are fan assisted heaters, oil filled radiators, quartz heaters and convectors.
  • Indirect oil fired heaters are economical for heating factories and warehouses with different models and sizes available for the variety of industrial environments.

Our team can advise you and help you decide what you need. Nationwide Hire (WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire) offers one of the largest ranges of heaters and heating solutions for hire in the UK and same day delivery. We can also manage and supply gas or oil at very competitive rates, making sure you never run out.

We keep businesses moving by taking responsibility for solving and avoiding plant, equipment and services problems. With a supplier network of over 9000 UK locations accessing millions of products, we’re on hand to keep your business moving.

Construction, Shopfitting, Retail, Events – in any emergency, whatever the challenge, we get it sorted.