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Festival Top Five Essentials

Big festival sites like Glastonbury are becoming more like mini-cities with water, power and amenities brought on site. From portable showers and toilets, from temporary lighting, security fencing, temporary car parking to staging, AV and sound systems. Then there’s the massive clean up and waste removal once everyone’s gone home.

Smaller festivals, charity events or outdoor concerts may be smaller and less complicated affairs but you’ll still need a clear head if you’re event organiser. Here’s our festival top five essentials when it comes to planning event logistics, hiring equipment and avoiding disaster.

1. Festival Power

If your event is being held in a rural location, you’ll need to hire generators to power electrical devices, for general lighting, emergency lighting, heating, cooling, catering or refrigeration equipment and sound and AV systems.

2. Festival Security

Good security ensures your event runs smoothly, whether you need simple perimeter fencing, walkie talkies or crowd control barriers if it’s a major event.

3. Festival Accommodation and Temporary Structures

You may need to hire temporary accommodation and facilities for security staff, first aiders or event team and provide shelter or seating appropriate to the event. First Aid facilities may be essential for compliance with event licences.

4. Festival Facilities

Make sure you’ve enough shower and toilet facilities especially if there’s camping on site and facilities offering disabled access.

5. Festival Rubbish Collection

You’ll need bins for many different types of waste – recycling bins for cans, plastic cups and glasses, cutlery, plastic and glass bottles and bins for rubbish that can’t be recycled such a food or nappies or discarded festival equipment such as sleeping bags!

If you’re organising a festival or event, our team at Nationwide Hire (WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire) is here to help.  A member of AFO, we keep events and festivals moving by taking responsibility for solving and avoiding plant, equipment and services problems. With a supplier network of over 9000 UK locations accessing millions of products, we’re on hand to keep your business moving.

Festivals and Events – whatever the challenge, we get it sorted.