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Flooding: Rapid Response Emergency Hire

In the wake of heavy snowfall and persistent wet and wintry weather, the sudden warmer temperatures that follow often cause flooding. Flooding happens where the sheer volume of water is too much and has nowhere to go. It could be the result of heavy rainfall, a river bursting or breaking its banks or melt water pouring off land and fields into drains and onto the road.

1) Check if your business is at risk of flooding and prepare

2) What to do if flooding is imminent

  • Where possible, turn off mains power and water supplies but ensure power to alarms or security systems is maintained
  • Turn off electrical items and consider the possibility of raising them above anticipated water levels
  • Close off flow valves on gas tanks and oil tanks that supply the premises through pipes and fittings
  • Consider moving furniture, machinery, and stock to upper storeys
  • Deploy temporary flood protection measures – such as sandbags
  • Move vehicles and trailers to higher and secure ground
  • Relocate vulnerable stock which may be in an open yard also issues general guidance in the event of flooding.

3) Emergency equipment hire for clean up and recovery after flooding

Once water has receded, there’s the job of remediation; getting back to normal as soon as possible. Floodwaters can contain pathogenic and non-pathogenic agents that may remain when the waters recede. Problems with sewers and farm land can lead to raw human or animal waste in floodwaters, which can be a health risk if not cleaned-up properly.

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