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Get your head around working heights

Do you often find yourself falling short when it comes to working at height?

Or are you getting calls from site because the equipment isn’t tall enough and not suitable for the job?

Whether you need scissor lifts, cherry pickers, straight stick boom lifts, articulating boom lifts, truck mounted platforms, operated platforms, spider lifts or mast booms, call us and we’ll help you quickly and easily work out the right size of equipment you’ll need to do the job right first time.

We’re putting customers first by taking responsibility for solving and avoiding plant, equipment and services problems. With a supplier network of over 9000 UK locations accessing millions of products, we’re on hand to keep projects moving. Whatever the challenge, we get it sorted.

Using working height when ordering equipment could often leave you a fingertip away from where you need to reach. You also need to work out where your feet need to be, to enable you to reach the right height. This is what’s known as platform height.

As a rule of thumb, industry safety experts recommend a maximum working height of 2 metres above the platform. But it does depend on the work to be done and the height of the engineer!

Getting it right means you can complete working at height tasks without disruption, within guardrails and reach safely.

What’s the key difference between working and platform height?

Platform height: Platform height is the height of an erected platform and typically refers to scaffold towers or extension ladders. It’s the distance between the ground and platform. Platform height is always lower than working height.

Working height: Working height is how far the average worker can reach when they’re standing on the platform or ladder. If someone is standing on a platform and painting – the working height would be the highest they could reach with the paintbrush.

IPAF and PASMA Training

Training is the final and essential factor when it comes to making sure platforms are erected and taken down properly and that any staff are familiar with safety procedures that impact staff working at height. Find out more here.