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How to Beat the UK Hire Market Shortages

How to Beat the UK Hire Market Shortages
This blog post gives you a clear picture and practical steps to help you overcome the current UK hire market supply shortages.

Covid recovery, the Pingdemic and Brexit, as highlighted in the media, have all compounded to cause the unprecedented demand for building materials, equipment and transport drivers, resulting in shortages. The hire equipment shortages are causing challenges with availability and price increases and the outlook is that this will continue for some months. However, we fully expect the supply situation to improve over time, as for example, manufacturers start to produce and deliver the new machinery to the market.

The equipment you need is out there somewhere, but it is taking several phone calls to find it and with available transport. With our team of expert hire buyers we are ideally placed to find what you need. It takes longer than usual to find what you need so providing reasonable notice will help us to find what you need.

Why WowNow Hire is your best choice

  • We make the necessary sourcing calls, so you don’t have to – we only ask you to give us reasonable notice
  • We always find you a suitable solution
  • We have the widest supply chain network – so if anyone can find what you need, we can