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Is your construction site lighting legal?

Every year many construction site workers are killed or injured as a result of their work. In 2016/17, there were 30 fatal injuries to workers in the construction sector and over 5,000 non-fatal injuries to employees reported through RIDDOR (The Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations).

Over 60% of all reported specified injuries to employees in construction are due to either falls from a height or slips, trips or falls on the same level.

If you’re a business owner or manager responsible for a construction site, building or workplace, under The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 and Fire Safety Act, it’s your job to make sure workers and visitors are safe.

Every company employer, however small, has a ‘duty of care’ when it comes to site health and safety, and lighting is a key component.

Not having enough light affects vision, which means your workforce has to make more effort to concentrate. It’s harder for workers to see what they’re doing and where they are going when light levels are poor, especially where they need to pay close attention to detail or operate machinery.

Moving round a construction site safely means drivers must be able to see clearly to avoid hazards and obstacles. In the dark, site workers can easily trip and fall if there’s rough, uneven ground, trenches or pot holes.

Providing clear and well-lit escape routes leading to a place of safety in the event of an emergency or power failure is vital. Workers and visitors can panic in a dark and in a potentially unfamiliar environment, the risk of serious injury increases.

Temporary lighting hire

When there’s plenty of natural daylight, site workers and visitors can see to work or move around your site or building safely. But when it’s dark, there’s poor light and in any enclosed buildings and structures, you must, by law, have artificial lighting and emergency lighting that kicks in if mains powered lighting fails for any reason.

Think where hiring in extra on-site lighting will help everyone see more easily.  Areas where there’s general movement need good, general illumination or floodlighting. That’s entrances, exits, storage areas, stairwells and walkways.

Install brighter lighting such as inspection lamps or task lighting where there are areas in shadow or where there’s technical or electrical work or machinery involving potential safety hazards and risk such as cutting or drilling equipment.  If you’re hiring artificial, temporary lighting, do double-check that lighting doesn’t change the colour or visibility of any safety signs or equipment such as fire extinguishers.

Temporary floodlighting or festoon lighting can be powered by mains, battery or generator, can be fixed on buildings or on equipment and at Nationwide Hire (WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire) we even have wobble lights that simply won’t fall over.  You may need to install security lighting on temporary buildings or at temporary site entrances to help deter trespassers. Our expert team can advise you and help you decide what you need.

Emergency lighting hire

Emergency lighting needs to provide enough light to allow people to escape safely in an emergency.  Battery or generator powered, it lights up automatically when the mains powered or main lighting sources fail. Designated escape routes such as corridors or walkways that people must follow in an emergency should always be kept well lit while there are workers and visitors on your site.

On dark winter days, you might have site staff working overtime or extra shifts at short notice, working through the night. If you need to hire in some extra lighting, keeping your workers safe on site and your project bang-on schedule, we’re here to help.

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