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New Year Resolution – Stop Accepting Poor Service Levels

As 2018 draws to an end and the new year approaches full of promise, it’s time to start thinking about your new year resolution.

We’ve all heard the phrases:

  • This year I am going to lose weight and get fit
  • This year I am going to stop smoking
  • This year I am going to be more productive

But how about “this year I am going to stop accepting poor service levels”?

The next time you require an on time delivery of powered access, plant, skip hire or tools – simply give us a call. We will take your enquiry and turn it into an on-time delivery. We will even call you on the day to make sure that the equipment is doing everything it should be.

If you don’t do it now, “later” becomes “never” so stop saying I wish my delivery was on time and start saying my delivery “will” be on time.

Why choose Nationwide Hire(WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire)?

  • Supplier network of over 9,000 UK locations
  • Access to over 5 million products
  • No phoning / standing around waiting for your delivery to show up
  • No stress
  • Reliable same day service
  • Dedicated expert account manager
  • Guaranteed off hires
  • Determined problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Remarkable service levels with a world class NPS score of 75

So why carry on taking the risk with unreliable suppliers and poor service levels?.

How much of your time is often wasted on the phone chasing deliveries?

How much time is wasted, waiting for machinery to arrive on site?

What is the cost in money and reputation when you can’t get the service you want? – too much.

Nationwide Hire save you time and money, the costs associated with late deliveries can run into thousands of pounds per month. Major plant and machinery, equipment and tools, specialist services and skills. Nationwide Hire helps maintain business momentum for every type of customer. Construction, Facilities Management, Events, Waste Management – whatever the situation, we keep your business moving, we get it sorted.

We’re not restricted by stock, resources, or geography. Our overriding goal is to keep your business moving – whatever the challenge.

We do that by taking responsibility. We solve your problem so you don’t have to. The equipment is part of the solution, but we know how to avoid problems as well as fix them. That’s why customers have been coming back for decades.

As Michael LeBoeuf once said “A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all”.
If you’re waiting for a sign… this is it. Stop accepting poor service levels and start accepting remarkable service.