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Poor Site Welfare Sucks

You know you need site welfare but finding the right accommodation can be a hassle, whether it’s mobile groundhog, static or van welfare units.

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Welfare Units: The Essentials

Everyone who works on any construction site must have:

  • Access to adequate toilet and washing facilities
  • A place for preparing and consuming refreshments
  • Somewhere for storing and drying clothing and personal protective equipment.

Don’t forget you’ll ideally need separate male and female toilets. If that’s not possible, as a minimum, you’ll need rooms with lockable doors.

No-one wants a cold shower! Washing facilities should have hot as well as cold running water, hand dryers or towels and you might need to have hot showers on site for specific projects.

You’ll need separate male and female changing facilities if your workers need to change into specialist clothing.

No one wants soggy socks so facilities for drying wet clothing might also be needed, as well as seating and secure areas for storing personal and protective clothing.

When it’s time for workers to rest their feet and sit down with a cuppa, rest break facilities should be provided with adequate ventilation, heating and lighting. Make sure you have enough number of seats and tables plus equipment for hot drinks and warming food.

Last but not least, keep your workers hydrated with fresh drinking water, suitably signed, with cups or plenty of suitable drinking vessels.

If you’re looking to hire a welfare or groundhog unit, call our Nationwide Hire team today who can help you decide what you need and get it sorted. With a supplier network of over 9000 UK locations accessing millions of products, we’re on hand to keep projects moving.

Welfare Units: The Legal Stuff

HSE provides an information guide on the provision of welfare facilities. You can read it here.