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Safe Powered Access Equipment Hire When Strong Winds Blow

An Amber National Severe Weather Warning for wind is issued by the Met Office when violent storms and high winds are expected across the country. Recent warnings in the UK for Storm Caroline saw weather forecasters predicting gusts of around 70-80mph and 90mph in the more exposed north-facing and coastal areas in Scotland where sea fronts and communities often experience violent spray and high waves.

While winter wind speeds across the UK might not always be as severe as they are in Scotland, high winds can still cause severe damage and major disruption, affecting road, rail, air and ferry services and for anyone travelling, that means longer journey times and frequent service cancellations. Code Amber means high winds can blow tiles off roofs, cause tree branches to break or trees to uproot.  Flying debris from buildings can cause damage and injury especially in built up areas and combined with stormy weather can bring down power lines resulting in power cuts.

Dealing with the damage caused by strong wind means buildings or roofs may need to be accessed in a hurry so that debris or loose materials can be removed, secured, made safe or repaired.

The most cost-effective and safest alternative to using ladders or steps, aluminium towers or scaffolding platforms is low level access platforms. Where access to allow for working at height is required, there’s a wide range of options in powered access equipment from scissor liftsboom lifts or cherry pickers, material lifts, Genie lifts and platforms.

Operating safely is paramount when working at height and HSE guidance is comprehensive – for more detail, see

There are 5 key questions you’ll be asked when you need to hire powered access equipment;

  1. What’s the maximum access height required?
  2. How easy is the site access?
  3. Is access indoors or outdoors?
  4. What are the site or ground conditions and are there any restrictions?
  5. How long do you need to hire access equipment for?

Our expert team can advise you and help you decide what you need. Nationwide Hire (WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire) offers one of the largest ranges of access solutions for hire in the UK and same day delivery. We keep businesses moving by taking responsibility for solving and avoiding plant, equipment and services problems. With a supplier network of over 9000 UK locations accessing millions of products, we’re on hand to keep your business moving. Construction, Shopfitting, Retail, Events – in any emergency, whatever the challenge, we get it sorted.