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We’ve got the power!

Extreme weather and human error are responsible for around 90% of all power cuts in the UK according to blackout trackers. There are many explanations for power failures but whatever the reason, your business could easily be affected. Infrastructure can be damaged by workers digging up the road or by falling trees damaging power lines, with a typical outage lasting 3-5 hours. Winter power cuts often follow extreme weather events such as heavy snow, floods and storms, affecting homes and businesses for several days or even weeks.

1. Assess the impact of power failure on your business

When your power fails, what do you need to think about first? Is there anything you can do to keep your business running? First of all, work out what the impact on your business will be if the mains power fails or there’s a power cut for several hours. The impact of having no power entirely depends on what your business does or the services you provide. When you’re running a care home, keeping your residents warm and protecting anyone dependent on a ventilator will be critical. If you’re managing a manufacturing plant or on a major construction site, power loss for several hours can delay project completion and could cost you. If you’re catering for an event, maintaining temperature control will be an essential requirement for food safety. If not having power isn’t life threatening or won’t necessarily result in major financial losses, think about ways your customers might be affected if there’s no heating, no light, no lift, no computers or Wifi, no data or when lifts or access barriers don’t work.

Let’s look at some alternative power sources you can hire:

2. Hire emergency power and keep your business trading

Power generator hire
Generators come in a range of sizes with silent, super silent, static, towable or compact options. On-site diesel or petrol generators can be mounted on a trailer, positioned on fork lift skids or a hard wearing carry frame. Road-towable generators offer easy movement of units on any site. Small generators range from 2.6Kva up to 20Kva with large plant solutions able to handle power requirements up to 1250Kva. Run times range from 3 to 24 hours.

Distribution board, transformer and cable hire
Power distribution options are designed to suit more exact requirements from 3 phase 415v, 240v and 110v power distribution through a series of distribution boards, transformers, connectors and cables. Cable protectors, cable ramps or containers make sure the highest possible security & safety standards are met.

Fuel Bowser hire and fuel management
Auxiliary fuel tanks guarantee there’s enough fuel to keep your generator running uninterrupted. Sizes range from 1000 to 10,000 litres and are available fully bunded (double skinned) to protect against leakage. The latest technology also enables fuel levels and service requirements to be monitored remotely.

3. Get the right emergency power solution for your business

When your mains power supply fails or you need some temporary power sources and you need to find a fix, fast, Nationwide Hire (WowNow Hire was formerly known as Nationwide Hire) has the experience and know-how in emergency power hire to help you. Our expert team will guide you through the process and, we can undertake a free of charge site survey to make sure we recommend the right machinery and service package for you.

  • Working out how much power you need and for how long
  • Checking you have the right access to your premises for any equipment delivery
  • Confirming if any extra cabling is needed
  • Planning any refuelling, if the power cut last several days or for an extended period
  • Ensuring installation complies with relevant health and safety standards

When you need to keep on powering through, call Nationwide Hire on 01329 22 68 68. Our opening hours are 7.00am to 6.30pm from Monday to Friday and 8am to 12noon on Saturday.

We keep businesses moving by taking responsibility for solving and avoiding plant, equipment and services problems. With a supplier network operating from over 9000 UK locations, accessing millions of products, we turn frustrated operational buyers into happy customers, instantly.

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