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Why do people tolerate poor hire service?

Why do people tolerate poor hire service? And what they can do about it

It’s hard to understand why anyone looking to hire access, plant, site accommodation, waste and tools would tolerate customer service that is anything less than excellent. This is even more perplexing when you consider people needing to hire are dealing with time and cost pressures that can damage their reputation and stop momentum. Yet, while looking into commercial customers’ hiring experiences across multiple industries, we discovered it is time and cost that is preventing them from searching for a better solution.

In this article, we share some of the most common issues and the actions we take at Nationwide Hire to ensure a high quality and easy equipment hire experience.

Poor experience 1: “I haven’t got time to find a better hire company”
Whether you’re looking for construction plant hire, powered access for working at height or forklifts for unloading, sourcing help is just one part of a huge job.

It’s all too easy for a hire company to take advantage of this and sell you the quickest and easiest option for them, but that could leave you facing hours of wasted time dealing with unsuitable equipment, poorly planned deliveries or unreliable equipment and costly downtime.

The WowNow Hire experience:

Since its formation WowNow Hire (formerly known as Nationwide Hire) has known the importance of time, certainty and reliability is to commercial customers. Simplifying life by providing a single point of contact, we spend the time understanding your project so we can help you choose the most suitable equipment before sourcing the best cost options and carefully planning delivery and collection.

We aim to build a long-term relationship and become your very own total hire management expert. According to our Trustpilot score of 4.9 and the many customer reviews, it’s an approach favoured by busy professionals across different industries, requiring different hire products.

Poor experience 2: “It’s not my main job and I can’t ring around endlessly to find multiple hire requirements across multiple locations”
Much like the time issue, you’ve got lots of other important things to do. You can’t be expected to make multiple calls to source scarce machinery for multiple sites and timepoints. Likewise, you can’t investigate multiple price options.

The Nationwide Hire experience:

One call to WowNow Hire will have you talking to someone with the knowledge and industry experience to help. Our team can source the perfect equipment from over 5 million products, a network of 4,000 suppliers and across 9,000 depots.

If you need it, we can also look at various pricing options depending on your priorities such as cost, equipment brand/type, fuel type, hire duration and so on.

Poor experience 3: “I have no choice but to accept if the equipment’s late due to traffic”
Unfortunately, traffic jams and accidents are a fact of life but the resulting downtime and cost issues of late access, plant and equipment hire don’t have to be.

The WowNow Hire experience:

Whether booking equipment hire in advance or requesting last-minute, same day delivery, all WowNow Hire customers benefit from our focus on certain and reliable delivery. In 98.5% of cases equipment is delivered on time and in the rare cases where external forces cause delay, we implement ‘Plan B’ to keep things running and minimise any lost time.

Our attention to detail involves careful pre-planning of routes and consideration of any circumstances that could affect speed of delivery such as rush hours and road maintenance.

Poor experience 4: “I’ve been hit with extra costs because I was distracted from ‘off-hiring’ the equipment”
Off-hiring is an area that allows less scrupulous plant and equipment hire companies to make more money easily. If you’re too busy or distracted from telling them you have finished with the equipment and it’s ready for collection, they’ll just let things roll on. They won’t agree an off-hire date in advance meaning they can add extra hire time to the bill until you advise them. If they then can’t collect in a timely fashion, they could make that extra time your responsibility too.

The WowNow Hire experience:

As part of our commitment to reliability, ease and speed, we strive to protect customers from off-hire losses while helping them stay focused on their core job.

Our off-hire guarantee sees us sharing the responsibility so you can request a pre-booked off-hire date or, if you don’t have a firm date, we will remind you on an agreed expected date so the hire can be terminated or extended as appropriate.

Poor experience: “I’m under pressure from my client to get this project completed on time so can’t focus on hire providers”
Ironically, the very time saved by not finding the best possible access, plant and site accommodation hire company could be what ends up costing more time and money in the long run.

Consider a large retail store project which encounters a roof problem. You book specialist hire equipment needed to deal with it but it fails to turn up and the store opening is delayed. The store loses £80,000 of sales, they invoke penalty clauses in your contract and you lose money and the reputation you’ve spent years building.

Poor service can have real and serious consequences and we haven’t even touched on health and safety issues and how they can be affected by poor service.

The WowNow Hire experience:

At WowNow Hire we don’t just pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service. We’ve built our business and reputation on it – growing our business to provide expert plant and equipment hire from 9,000 locations throughout the UK and Ireland.

We believe excellent customer service is that important that we’ve made it the cornerstones of our business – Certainty, Reliability, Ease and Speed.

From our website to our team of experts at the end of the phone, we’re committed to making access, plant, site accommodation, waste and tool hire as simple, efficient and dependable as it can be – something which is clearly appreciated by the many customers who have left positive reviews on Trustpilot and awarded us an overall rating of ‘Excellent’ 4.9