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WowNow Hire raises over £33,000 for Mental Health Charity

WowNow Hire has raised over £33,000 for The Moving On Project - a local charity (based in Fareham, Hampshire) that provides mental health support for young people, offering free, confidential counselling for 11 to 25-year olds, helping them tackle issues affecting their education and progression into adult life.

The Moving On Project's mission: Our mission is to provide quality counselling which is actionable and sustainable to support the young people in the local community move forward in their future. In the period between April 2019 and March 2020 we provided 1,516 sessions of counselling for young people, helping over 440 young people in the Fareham and Gosport area.

We specialise in delivering person-centred counselling which involves intensive counselling delivered in 5 sessions sometimes called solution focused counselling. This method provides positive change for the client, improving mental health in the shortest possible time and in the most cost-effective way. We pride ourselves on our ability to match the client to the Counsellor best suited for their needs.

The Moving On Project’s vision: To improve the emotional health and wellbeing of young people aged between 11-25 in Fareham, Gosport and surrounding areas, so that they can achieve their full potential.



WowNow Hire's contribution: Since 2017, WowNow Hire have introduced a staff salary sacrifice scheme, where members of staff have donated monthly amounts to help The Moving On Project continue with their amazing work. This fantastic contribution from our staff members, combined with many charity events including cake sales, a World Cup Semi Final day, a successful summer Charity Shield Football Tournament involving local businesses, a Footy Fundraiser much more, have contributed to the incredible £33,000 that we've raised collectively over the last six years.

The Moving On Project said: "Your company’s efforts, fundraising for us over the last six years have been absolutely amazing, and has meant that hundreds of young people have been supported at very difficult times in their lives."


Here's to the next 5 years of making the difference in our local community!


Visit The Moving On Project's website at: