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Emergency Cleaning Services

Our emergency cleaning services have been designed to tackle the most difficult and dangerous cleaning tasks. As a professional emergency cleaning and clean-up service, we know time is of the essence. Contact us today for free surveys and fixed quotations for a wide range of emergency and bespoke cleaning services. Whatever your challenge, we'll get it sorted.

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Flood and Sewage Clean-Up Services

Following a sewage spillage, the first call should be to WowNow Hire where we can provide immediate assistance. Our emergency sewage cleaning specialists can respond at short notice and make a detailed assessment of the damaged area.

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Fire and Smoke Clean-Up Services

Our fire and smoke clean-up service is based on the latest scientific evidence. We have a comprehensive range of expertise and resources needed to respond to any fire and smoke damage incident.

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Oil and Diesel Clean-Up Services

Oil and diesel spills need to be cleaned up fast to prevent damage to surfaces and pollution of water courses. WowNow Hire provides a fast and effective oil and diesel spill removal service that quickly contains and eliminates the hazards these spills can cause.

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Vandalism and Graffiti Clean-Up Services

At WowNow Hire we have specially trained staff who conduct our Graffiti Removal services. We currently offer this service across the United Kingdom. To find out more about Graffiti Removal or to request a free quote, please click below.

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Bio-Hazard Clean-Up Services

Bio-hazard cleaning can only be carried out by cleaning specialists with the right expertise, safety procedures and support in place.

WowNow Hire is trusted to deliver this service discretely and to the highest standard.

Call our team for a free quotation or advice today

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