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Fire and Smoke Clean-Up Services

The trauma and disruption caused by a fire in any home or business cannot be underestimated. That is why it is so important to make the right decisions in responding quickly to the emergency.

Our fire and smoke clean-up teams are trained and experienced in fire damage cleaning and restoration. That includes using the right specialist techniques and to deploy them sensitively, working with other experts if necessary to implement and manage an effective recovery plan.


Fire Damage Cleaning And Restoration

Our services are set up to respond rapidly to a fire, 24 hours a day. Our teams have all the correct protective clothing, equipment, training and cleaning materials to start work straight away. Our teams work with clients and their representatives, including insurance companies, to assess the type and severity of fire damage and take precisely the right measures needed to deal with.

We will help identify items that can be saved and those so badly damaged that they must be disposed of. Our emergency waste teams will take damaged items to an authorised site for safe disposal. We then use specialist cleaning techniques and materials to thoroughly clean surfaces affected by smoke and soot damage.


Smoke And Soot Damage Cleaning

Smoke and soot damage from fires can cause some of the biggest and longest lasting problems in domestic and business properties. Billions of tiny soot particles which are toxic to humans and create an acidic reaction when in contact with moisture which results in corrosion damage to almost any surface.

Our teams teams are trained in deep cleaning techniques using the latest professional cleaning agents. This means they can complete this meticulous task to a standard that cannot be expected of conventional cleaners.


Fire And Smoke Odour Removal

Effective smoke clean-up is essential because fire damage odours can linger for a long time after a fire, making buildings unpleasant to live or work in. Deep cleaning all surfaces and items salvaged fire is a first important step.

Our teams can then carry out thermal fogging in smoke-damaged rooms. This process fills affected spaces with a non-toxic chemical vapour that helps to neutralise residual odours and providing long-term protection against their return.


Fire Water Removal And Restoration

Water damage is also very often associated with fires, from water used by the fire service, from the use of fire extinguishers deployed by business staff or sprinkler systems. Fire water is particularly hazardous because it often contains potentially toxic chemical compounds created by the fire. It may also contain sewage released by surcharged drains.

We can assist in dealing safely and effectively with this hazard. Working with other specialist service providers, we will arrange for fire flood water to be removed from premises.


Dangers From Fire And Smoke Damage

Effective fire and smoke damage cleaning is vitally important because of the wide range of risks created by a fire emergency. These include:

  • Damage to health caused by inhalation of smoke and soot
  • Injury risk caused by fire damaged structures and items, including slips, trips and falls
  • Toxin and pathogen risks associated with fire wastewater
  • Fire water damage to structures and other items
  • Smoke and soot damage to structures and items, including potential hidden damage to electrical systems.


Fire And Smoke Damage Cleaning

At WowNow Hire, we offer our fire and smoke damage cleaning services across the United Kingdom. We have a specialist team of highly trained staff who focus on fire and smoke damage cleaning in both commercial and residential properties.

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