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Pest Solutions Services

We provide commercial pest control solutions that help protect against and remove pests from your premises, protecting your property and your health. Our qualified technicians utilise cutting-edge techniques and solutions, ensuring the swift, efficient and reliable removal of pests. To discuss your pest control requirements, contact WowNow Hire today. Whatever your challenge, we'll get it sorted.

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Bird Proofing and Control

Birds present a nuisance to businesses and homeowners alike, with pigeons and seagulls in particular causing disruption, noise and damage. Urban areas attract birds, as they feed on the scraps that people leave behind, but you can prevent them from roosting on or around your premises.

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Crawling Insects Proofing and Control

Crawling insects send a shiver up the spines of most people, but whether you have a phobia or not, an infestation of insects can be hazardous to your health and the health of customers if you run a business.

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Flying Insects Proofing and Control

Flying insects pose a great danger to your household or business because of their ability to create an infestation quickly in numbers. Many of these insects carry diseases, have the potential to sting and can spawn quickly once an infestation takes hold.

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Rodent Proofing and Control

Rodents pose a real nuisance for homes and businesses. They carry disease and bacteria so you’ll want a fast, effective response when you spot signs of their intrusion.WowNow can help you with professional pest control to rid you of any kind of vermin, protecting your commercial property and your employees and customers health.

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