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Bird Proofing and Control


Birds present a nuisance to businesses and homeowners alike, with pigeons and seagulls in particular causing disruption, noise and damage. Urban areas attract birds, as they feed on the scraps that people leave behind, but you can prevent them from roosting on or around your premises.

Birds often carry mites, fleas and other biting insects, posing a potential health risk. Their droppings are unsightly and may carry parasites, as well as presenting a slipping hazard in areas of high footfall. The presence and activities of birds can cause damage to the fabric of your building, such as gutters blocked by feathers and nesting debris, or corrosion of surfaces by a build-up of acidic bird droppings.


Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a humane and effective method of preventing birds from roosting on your property. Contrary to popular belief, the spikes do not harm the birds; the feet of larger birds such as pigeons or seagulls are not adapted to landing on thin, spiky branches, so they are simply unable to perch there. It is worth noting, however, that smaller birds such as sparrows will not be deterred by spikes, so additional prevention methods such as bird netting may be required.


Bird Netting

Bird netting is an extremely effective method of bird prevention. It inhibits access to areas of your property, protecting building fascias, decorative features, and any areas that present a roosting opportunity to birds. The birds are not harmed in any way and are simply unable to access the protected area.

The netting is available in different gauges, designed specifically to exclude different types of birds, and in a range of colours, allowing it to better blend into the building’s design to protect against birds without compromising on aesthetics.


Pigeon Proof Solar Panel Installation

Over recent years, solar panels and eco-friendly architectural materials have risen in popularity for homeowners. Whilst this might be beneficial for the environment, the introduction of solar panels has also proven to be popular with pigeons, who often use them for shelter or protection from the elements. This can be a tricky problem to solve for homeowners, struggling to deal with the mess and disruption a nesting pigeon can have on their roof. In extreme cases, the impact of pigeons can even cause a decrease in solar power, meaning they’re a nuisance in more ways than one.

Pigeon proofing solar panels is a necessary and efficient way of keeping your solar panels safe, without impacting their overall effectiveness. Preventing pigeons and other rodents from nesting in the spaces between the panel and the roof of your home requires a few simple but specialised steps.

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