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Flying Insects Proofing and Control

Flying insects pose a great danger to your household or business because of their ability to create an infestation quickly in numbers. Many of these insects carry diseases, have the potential to sting and can spawn quickly once an infestation takes hold.

With professional pest control services from WowNow Hire, you can rest easy. We employ a variety of solutions – including insecticides to tackle flying insects.


Flies Control

Flies are a nuisance at the best of times, but when you’re suffering from a fly infestation it can be both unbearable and dangerous to your health, with many flies carrying salmonella and E.coli due to their feeding on dead animal carcasses and other animal waste products. With qualified technicians and a 24/7 service, we can attend your sites to deal with an ant infestation.


Midges Control

Itchy, painful bites are what most people associate with midges, so if you have a midge infestation you will undoubtedly want to call in the experts. For persistent swarms of midges, at WowNow Hire, we can provide professional pest control. We will inspect your property, whether residential or commercial and implement the most appropriate course of action.


Mosquitoes Control

Commonly associated with biting people outdoors in the evening, mosquitoes can be a real pain for everyone – although they do not carry dangerous diseases as in other countries. A mosquito infestation can develop quickly due to how fast they spawn from eggs into adults. At the WowNow Hire, we can attend with professional pest control services to help rid you of mosquitoes.


Wasps Control

While wasp stings aren’t deadly (unless you have an allergic reaction), they can cause great pain and many people become anxious around these aggressive insects. Whether you have a wasp infestation inside or outside of your building, with professional pest control services from WowNow Hire you can rest assured that the problem will be taken care of.

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