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Bird Dropping Cleaning

Removing bird droppings from buildings and pedestrian areas is important because bird guano is a serious risk to health. It can also damage building structures and is unsightly and can be smelly. WowNow Hire provides a highly effective and safe bird guano cleaning and removal service, eliminating hazards to humans, pets and the built environment.


Bird Droppings Cleaning By WowNow Hire

Bird droppings, also known as bird guano, are a common sight in UK towns and cities. Left uncontrolled, they can build up to become a hazard to human health and a risk to buildings.

The species that causes the biggest guano problem in towns and cities is the pigeon. It roosts in roof spaces and on window ledges in large numbers, depositing huge amounts of guano over time. Other birds, such as gulls and starlings, can also cause serious problems.

That is why WowNow Hire provides a bird guano cleaning and removal service that comprehensively deals with the problem and, as a result of our pest control expertise, can include measures to prevent it from returning.


Who We Work For

WowNow Hire provides a bird guano cleaning service for a wide range of customers, including office landlords, property letting agents, facilities maintenance (FM) providers, surveyors, local authorities, retailers, housing landlords, and manufacturers.

We often work with surveyors, developers and construction companies when they are refurbishing and modernising buildings that have been derelict for some time to remove guano before work is begun.

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