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Car Park Cleaning

WowNow Hire delivers expert cleaning for your car park, so your premises look their best, enhancing your reputation and ensuring the safety of all personnel who use your car park by keeping it in optimum condition.

We use the UK’s leading floor deep cleaning systems, backed by our unrivalled expertise in specialist cleaning, reducing the risk of slips and costly wear and tear.


Professional Cleaning

Carrying out expert cleaning on your car park will enhance the look of your business premises. It is also likely to greatly reduce the risk of slips and trips, so will protect your staff and customers, as part of your duty of care for their safety.


Health & Safety Benefits

The buildup of deposits such as chewing gum or bird droppings on paths and walkways can make them slippery or uneven. This could lead to a slip or trip injury, resulting in litigation costs and damaged public image.

Power washing surfaces also assists with removing contaminants that could be harmful to health, such as soot or chemical residues. If your business regularly creates fumes, residues, chemicals or other contaminants, it would be wise to adhere to a regular schedule or frequent deep cleaning.


Floor Deep Cleaning – The Benefits

  • Improved safety. For example, swimming pool tiles have textured surfaces that enhance slip resistance. The build-up of grime undermines this safety feature. Floor deep cleaning restores anti-slip characteristics.
  • Reduced legal claims. Improved safety will result in fewer legal claims for slips and trips – greatly reducing costs to your business.
  • Lower insurance costs – slips and trips and risks associated with them result in higher insurance premiums.
  • Improved reputation – grimy floors are unsightly and cause hygiene concerns. SafeGroup’s floor deep cleaning service will ensure staff and customers can only be impressed with your business cleanliness.
  • Reduced maintenance and replacement costs – ingrained grime can cause additional long-term damage to floors, increasing repair costs and shortening their life. Regular deep cleaning ensures your floors stay in pristine condition for longer.

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