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Shredding Disposal Services

Paper Shredding ~ Mobile Shredding ~ Off-Site Shredding ~ Regular Shredding ~ One-Off Shredding ~ Confidential Waste Disposal

We cover the whole of the UK, providing secure disposal with our mobile shredding service or off-site shredding service, depending on your individual requirements. Our services are available on a one-off or a regular basis.


Why outsource your shredding?

Businesses have been using shredding machines for decades to ensure the safe disposal of confidential documents and paper records. However, standard office shredders are not totally secure, they can be very expensive to maintain, and can be highly time-consuming to use. The good news is that cost-effective outsourced shredding services are available.

There are two main reasons outsourcing shredding makes sense:

  • Protecting Confidential Information - Unbeatable security. Significantly more secure than the traditional strip-cut method of destruction.
  • Safeguarding the Environment - 100% of all of our shredding is recycled in the UK.


Why choose WowNow Hire?

  • Complete security – Our shredding services are completely secure.
  • We are fully compliant and highly certified – We meet the highest levels of compliance for document shredding and disposal services to all UK, DIN, and European standards.
  • We will save you time – There is absolutely no preparation required prior to collection. No need to remove ring binders, staples, plastic wallets, or anything else. We shred it all.
  • We are professional and thorough – All of our shredding specialists undergo regular training, and can shred paper into confetti-sized pieces less than 4mm square or, for ultimate security, into fine dust if required.
  • We shred everything – As well as paper and cardboard, our high-tech shredders can handle plastic, glass, ceramics, consumer goods, clothes, accessories, electronic products, digital media, mobile phones, office equipment, unsold or faulty stock, void credit and debit cards, counterfeit goods, and seized merchandise. If you have something you need to dispose of without worrying about it falling into the wrong hands, we can help.
  • Responsive service – Our responsive services are completely tailored to suit your requirements. Whether you need an on-site service, an off-site service, a regular service or a one-off service, we have something to suit you.

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