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Gritting, Ice and Snow Removal

WowNow Hire's gritting service specialises in gritting car parks, roads and pedestrian areas, ensuring our clients’ facilities remain safe and compliant at all times. We use the latest precise weather forecasting technology, to ensure that we service individual sites based on the most accurate data available. While the industry–standard operating practice is to grit based on red trigger levels, WowNow Hire will keep you covered on amber level warnings as well. 


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Why outsource your gritting?

An outsourced gritting service can provide better access to well-trained staff, along with the latest knowledge and innovation, bringing improved service quality and the reassurance that full compliance is being achieved. 

In certain sectors, such as healthcare, transport and utilities, there is usually a requirement for the facilities to be accessed safely and securely around the clock, whatever the weather and these require a high specification service.

Most importantly, WowNow Hire removes any regulatory and compliance pressures for our customers, by effectively identifying and addressing liabilities on site. In doing so, we proactively safeguard against any predictable operational, financial and reputational risk for total peace of mind.


Ground temperature activation

We use real-time weather forecasting tools to ensure outstanding accuracy. With each customer and for every site we agree a road surface trigger temperature appropriate to the location and conditions on the ground and grit when this temperature is forecast.


Weather forecasting

Our services are powered by data. This provides us with outstanding forecasting accuracy of temperature and site conditions and offers the most detailed UK weather areas. 


Ordering gritting, ice and snow removal

We will work with our clients to define an effective plan and ensure that each client understands precisely what is expected. This bespoke approach will help clients proactively manage their site and minimise business risk.

  • We will digitally map out a site and agree gritting areas to be included, using the latest technology.
  • We will then attend a site and perform a physical site survey. This allows us to identify any on-site features we need to be aware of when performing any gritting.

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