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Cooling & Ventilation


WowNow Hire are specialists in supporting you and your business to keep your cool, providing a range of cooling equipment and ventilation for hire.  UK legislation means we have a responsibility to look after our employees at a comfortable temperature and of course, happy staff, work better.

Not sure what you need? Our team can calculate your needs and advise on the necessary equipment to beat the heat. 

With access to thousands of modern, well-maintained machines and tools, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver 100% UK postcode coverage when and where you want it, same-day.

If you require a cooling solution talk to one of our helpful team members for a quote and advice on the best unit for your application.

To find out more contact us here, call the team, or email for a quote. 

Any Temperature ~ Any Size ~ Any power ~ Anywhere



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Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Hire

WowNow Hire also specialises in large industrial cooling solutions for warehouses, factories and storage facilities etc.

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Small Office Cooling

WowNow Hire have a specific range of portable office air conditioning units available for hire.

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Our Dehumidifiers are the perfect solution to keep your site moisture-free and your work protected.

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Open Plan Office Cooling

WowNow Hire have a specific range of portable office air conditioning units following on from our small office range.

Call our team for a free quotation or advice today

Keeping your cool - All you need to know

We offer a wide range of portable air conditioner units for hire or sale. Ordinarily, these are divided into four main categories:

  • Exhaust tube units, which disperse the heat via a small exhaust tube
  • Evaporative coolers, which provide comfort cooling where conventional air conditioners can't be used
  • Fans, which can be used to provide a more comfortable environment in large areas
  • Split type units, which are typically used in large capacities environments such as server rooms or large offices

We have the largest range of portable air conditioning units available for hire in the UK. As we work with hundreds of depots across the UK, ensuring we’re never out of stock and always able to deliver to our customers when the heat is on. We will deliver to your site quickly from our depots ensuring where possible that we do so from your closest depot to ensure the smallest carbon impact as. Our teams will work with you to help and advise you to understand your business, delivering what you need, when you need it, and where you need it.

We can also provide planned support and the fastest emergency response, 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

  1. We have your total hire covered - Access, Plant, Site Accommodation, Waste, Tool, plus lots more
  2. We are nationwide - 9,000 locations across UK, Ireland and Europe
  3. We’re never out of stock - 5 million products, 4,000+ suppliers
  4. We always fulfil an order - Last-minute, same-day delivery
  5. We guarantee off-hires – no kit left on site
  6. We are reliable - rated 'Excellent' by Trustpilot
  7. We are your single point of contact - 24/7 contact service

We promise certaintyreliabilityease and speed.

We get it sorted.

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