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Surveying & Location Equipment

We provide surveying and hazard location solutions for every type of project. To maintain your business momentum the equipment and site team are key to having the right start to any project.

Cable avoidance tools, thermal imaging and pipe and drain inspection equipment are all at hand to help you. They help to identify any potential problems well before they become a show stopper.

Why not try one of our commercial drones?, They can be very cost-effective and give you results, fast. Drones can be used for both routine and emergency work; inspecting wind turbines, checking pipelines and assessing the condition of many types of buildings. Additionally drones can be used for inspecting roofs, quickly assessing hard to reach or unsafe structures, or for surveying land, crops and livestock.

Trust us to recommend, find, and deliver the most accurate and technologically advanced surveying equipment available on the market.

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