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Power & Lighting

In Heating, Power & Lighting Distribution

Are you ready for the winter nights and darker days? We’ve got you covered, with lighting and generators to get you through the winter.

Ideal For: Plant hire projects ~ Building Construction ~ Civil Engineering ~ Emergency lighting

~ Groundworks ~ Fit-out ~ General Maintenance ~ & Events.

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Working from 9,000 locations across the UK, we can support multiple projects with a range of lighting including; Tower lighting, flood lights, festoon/ string lights, Tri-pod & task lights. As well as power generation options to support all your lighting, heating and tools requirements.

To find out more contact us here, call the team on 01329 640 704 or email for a quote. 

Any Light~ Any Size ~ Any Power ~ Anywhere

Speak to our team to discuss the best lighting options for your needs.

In Heating, Power & Lighting Distribution

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Site Lighting

Our site lighting options offer every solution to fit your task.

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Lighting & Electrical Distribution

Our lighting options will brighten up your day when you need it most.

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Power Generation

Keeping your sites powered 24/7.

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Tower Lighting

Perfect for brightening up the night when you're working on site.

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Optimise Your Winter Projects with WowNow Hire's Advanced Lighting and Power Solutions

Navigate Winter's Darkness with WowNow's Expertise

Prepare for the winter season's challenges with WowNow Hire. Our comprehensive range of lighting solutions and power generators is specifically designed to tackle longer nights and shorter days. Ideal for applications such as plant hire projects, building construction, civil engineering, and emergency lighting, our services ensure that your workspaces stay brightly lit and operationally efficient.

Why WowNow Hire is Essential for Your Winter Lighting and Power Needs

Broad Coverage

Experience unmatched UK-wide availability, guaranteeing that lighting and generator solutions are accessible wherever your project is located.

Customised Lighting Solutions

Our dedicated team provides personalised consultation, helping you select the perfect lighting and generator options that fit your project's unique demands.

Swift Delivery Commitment:

With our same-day, nationwide delivery promise, we ensure your project timelines are unaffected by lighting or power challenges.

Explore Our Extensive Lighting Solutions Portfolio

Comprehensive Lighting Range:

Our versatile lighting options, including tower lighting, floodlights, and task lights, cater to every requirement. Coupled with robust power generation solutions, we guarantee uninterrupted lighting and power supply for all your site needs.

  • Tower Lighting
  • Site Lighting
    • Link: Explore Our Site Lighting Options
    • Details: "Our range of site lighting solutions caters to every task, ensuring effective illumination for all your project needs."
  • Power Generation
    • Link: Power Generation Hire Solutions
    • Details: "Reliable power generation to keep your site operational 24/7, supporting all your power requirements seamlessly."

Expert Advice and Free Quotation

Call us at 01329 640 971 for expert advice and a free quotation tailored to your project's lighting and power needs. Our team is ready to assist you in making the best choice.

Tailored to Your Project Needs

  • Ensuring Winter Operational Continuity: Our solutions are designed to maintain operations, even in the coldest and darkest months.
  • Remote Location Lighting: We offer portable and power generation lighting options, ensuring remote sites stay illuminated.
  • Effective Energy Management: Opt for our energy-efficient options to control energy consumption without compromising on quality.

Expert Answers to Common Lighting and Power Queries

What types of lighting are best for outdoor winter projects?

Robust options like tower lighting and floodlights are ideal for outdoor winter projects, providing strong illumination and weather resistance.

How can I ensure energy efficiency with my site lighting?

LED lighting or solar-powered options offer high energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and operational costs.

What are the advantages of portable heaters and lights for site projects?

Portable heaters and lights provide flexibility, mobility, and targeted warmth and light to specific areas on a site.

Can lighting solutions be customised for large-scale events?

Lighting solutions for events can be customised to create the desired ambiance, from subtle elegance to powerful floodlights.

What should I consider when choosing power generation for my lighting needs?

Consider the scale of your project, total power requirements, and use duration. Our team can assist in selecting the appropriate power generator.

Are there eco-friendly lighting options for construction sites?

Eco-friendly options like LED and solar-powered lights are available for construction sites, offering long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.

Key Advantages of Partnering with WowNow Hire

  • Guaranteed Solution Provision: "Access over 5 million products from 4,000+ suppliers, ensuring comprehensive solutions for every project requirement."
  • Dependable Delivery and Service: "Achieve peace of mind with our 98.5% on-time delivery rate and commitment to ensuring no equipment is left behind."
  • Streamlined Hiring Process: "Enjoy seamless hiring with our 24/7 customer support, handling all your requirements from start to finish."

Our Client-Focused Strategy

At WowNow Hire, we align our services with your project goals. Our tailored solutions prioritise minimising delays, managing costs effectively, and guaranteeing the safety and comfort of your teams. Trust in our service, validated by our 'Excellent' Trustpilot rating, for reliable, bespoke lighting and power solutions.

Versatility Across Diverse Industries

From construction sites to temporary events, our lighting and power solutions serve a wide array of sectors including general maintenance, office spaces, warehouses, retail, and more.

Responsive and Ready to Assist

WowNow Hire stands ready to respond to your needs. With extensive coverage across the UK and a vast inventory of modern equipment, we ensure timely delivery and expert guidance in selecting the ideal lighting and power solutions for your project.

Connect With Us

For more details, reach out to our team, call us at 01329 640 704, or request a personalised quote via email.

Let WowNow Hire be your partner in keeping your projects well-lit and efficiently powered

  1. We have your total hire covered - Access, Plant, Site Accommodation, Waste, Tool, plus lots more
  2. We are nationwide - 9,000 locations across UK, Ireland and Europe
  3. We’re never out of stock - 5 million products, 4,000+ suppliers
  4. We always fulfil an order - Last-minute, same-day delivery
  5. We guarantee off-hires – no kit left on site
  6. We are reliable - rated 'Excellent' by Trustpilot
  7. We are your single point of contact - 24/7 contact service

We promise certaintyreliabilityease and speed.

We get it sorted.

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