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Tower Lighting (Fuel - Hybrid - Solar)

Tower Lighting - Fuel, Hybrid & Solar: Your Key to Effective Outdoor Illumination

Master Outdoor Lighting Challenges with WowNow Hire
Transform your outdoor workspaces into well-lit, efficient areas with WowNow Hire's Tower Lighting solutions. Uniquely designed to suit a wide range of applications - from large-scale construction sites to intricate civil engineering projects and dynamic events - our Tower Lights are the perfect fusion of functionality and power. Choose from diesel, HVO, solar, or battery options to match your specific environmental and operational needs.

Why WowNow Hire’s Tower Lighting is the Top Choice

Advanced Lighting Technology:

Our Tower Lights go beyond traditional floodlights, offering sophisticated lighting solutions with integrated power generation.

Custom Power Solutions:

Select from diverse power sources for an eco-friendly, efficient approach that aligns with your project ethos.

Unrivalled Flexibility and Reach:

With heights extending up to 9 metres and easy mobility, our Tower Lights bring superior illumination to even the most challenging terrains.

Discover the Power of Our Tower Lighting Range

Tailored for Every Project: Explore our extensive range, ensuring your site benefits from optimal lighting no matter the location or project scale.

Explore Tower Lighting Hire Options

FAQs: Making the Right Choice in Tower Lighting

How do Tower Lights enhance outdoor project efficiency?

By providing bright, targeted illumination, our Tower Lights extend working hours, enhance safety, and improve productivity on your site.

What eco-friendly Tower Light options are available?

We offer solar and HVO-powered lights, reducing carbon footprint while maintaining high-efficiency lighting.

Can I get Tower Lights for a short-term project?

Yes, our flexible hire options cater to both short-term and long-term projects, providing you with the right lighting whenever you need it.

Contact Us for Expert Guidance

Call our team at 01329 640 704 for a free, no-obligation consultation and quotation. We’re dedicated to finding the perfect lighting solution for your project, ensuring it's well-lit, safe, and efficient.

Why Clients Prefer WowNow Hire’s Tower Lighting

Comprehensive Range for Every Need: Our wide selection guarantees a perfect match for your specific project requirements.

Prompt, Reliable Service: Count on us for quick delivery and unwavering support, ensuring your project stays on track.

Commitment to Your Project’s Success

WowNow Hire isn't just a supplier; we're your strategic partner. We align our solutions with your project objectives, focusing on maximising efficiency, reducing costs, and ensuring safety.

Versatile Applications Across Sectors "Whether it’s a construction site, an outdoor event, or a remote engineering project, our Tower Lighting solutions are designed to deliver unparalleled performance."

Your Next Step to Optimised Illumination

For detailed information, tailored advice, or a personalised quote, reach out to our team, call us at 01329 640 704, or email Partner with us for Tower Lighting solutions that elevate the efficiency and safety of your projects.

Don't let poor lighting limit your project's potential. Contact WowNow Hire today for superior Tower Lighting solutions and light up your path to success.

For those not in the know, Tower lights are often called Floodlights, however, Tower lights have a much more specific use.  Tower lights are portable lighting and generators, all in one unit.

Designed for outdoor use, these are compacted for transport, then when fully extended can range in height from 3-9 meters. Powered by, diesel, HVO, solar or battery, users have the choice to select the type that suits their needs.

Ideal For: Plant hire projects ~ Building Construction ~ Civil Engineering ~ Roadways ~ Groundworks ~ Rural Sites & Events.

~ View our Tower Lighting Hire range here ~

We also offer a whole range of supporting items that you will be likely to need working on a site that requires Tower lighting.

To find out more contact us here, call the team on 01329 640 704 or email for a quote. 

Any Height ~ Any Size ~ Any Power ~ Anywhere

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