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Waste Disposal Services

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Waste Disposal Services 

WowNow Hire offers a comprehensive range of Waste Disposal Services, including skip hire, roll-on-offs (ROROs) hire, and waste collection services. We specialize in the disposal of various waste types, from general waste to specialist hazardous waste. Our disposal methods range from general waste skips and ROROs to specialized waste collection units. 

We take pride in our ability to provide 100% UK postcode coverage, ensuring timely deliveries with a remarkable on-time KPI record of 98%. For more details, you can download our Waste Services Quick Guide. 

Waste Services Quick Guide.

Call our team for a free quotation or advice today at 01329 640 971. 

Our Waste Disposal Services Include:

Call our team for a free quotation or advice today

Our Waste Disposal Services Include: 

Our Waste Disposal Services Include: 

  1. Rollonoff Container Hire for Efficient Waste Disposal

Space for Every Need Our waste disposal containers are designed to cater to diverse requirements, ensuring that whether you're looking for commercial waste disposal or garden waste disposal, we've got you covered: 

  1. Scheduled Waste Removal Services

Regular & Reliable For those seeking local waste disposal near me or trade waste disposal near me, our scheduled pickups ensure timely and efficient waste management: 

  1. Ad Hoc (Manned) Waste Removal Services

Flexible & Efficient For those unexpected moments when you need hazardous waste disposal or electronic waste disposal on the go: 

  1. Commercial Skip Hire for Effective Waste Disposal

Sized to Suit Whether it’s your first time hiring or you are looking for tailor made solutions that suit your individual needs, our vast range of skips can cater for all types of commercial waste. Our skips are designed for diverse waste types: 

  1. Difficult Waste Solutions

Special Care for Special Waste From general waste disposal to confidential waste disposal, we ensure safe and compliant disposal: 

  1. Chemical & Hazardous Waste Disposal

Specialised Handling for Sensitive Waste 
Managing chemical and hazardous waste requires expertise and precision. At WowNow Hire, we're equipped to handle these specialized waste types, ensuring they're disposed of safely and in compliance with UK regulations: 

  1. All-in-One Solution: From Access and Plant to Site Accommodation, Waste Management, and Tools, we offer a comprehensive range of hire services tailored to your specific requirements. 
  2. Unmatched Reach: Our expansive network covers over 9,000 locations across the UK, Ireland, and Europe, ensuring we're always close by when you need us. 
  3. Extensive Inventory: Never face delays due to stock shortages. With access to a whopping 5 million products from over 4,000 trusted suppliers, we ensure you get what you need, when you need it. 
  4. Prompt Deliveries: Emergencies or last-minute requirements? No problem! We specialize in same-day deliveries, ensuring your projects never face downtime. 
  5. No Post-Hire Hassles: Our guaranteed off-hire policy ensures that no equipment overstays its welcome. Once you're done, we ensure timely pickup, so you don't have to worry about lingering equipment. 
  6. Consistently Top-Rated: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our 'Excellent' rating on Trustpilot. But don't just take our word for it; our satisfied customers say it best. 
  7. Always Available: Day or night, weekday, or weekend, our dedicated 24/7 customer service is always ready to assist, ensuring you have a smooth and hassle-free experience. 

Our Commitment: At WowNow Hire, we don't just offer services; we promise certainty, reliability, ease, and speed. Whatever your need, we get it sorted efficiently and effectively. 

Why we call ourselves WowNow

WowNow was chosen because we wanted a bold name that conveys who we are and what we deliver for our customers. WowNow means exceptional service delivered with certainty, reliability, ease, and speed. 

The ‘Wow’ certainty and reliability are represented by our ability to satisfy any order across all products anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and our excellent service delivery. 

The ‘Now’ ease and speed reflects our same day and last-minute hire delivery service and guaranteed off-hire promise. 

We continue to deliver excellent customer service and are proud of the enthusiastic feedback we get from our customers via Trustpilot. 

We explore improvements in what we do continuously, to wow our customers, to justify our WowNow name, and maintain our excellent Trustpilot score. 

What is the importance of professional Waste Disposal Services? 

Proper waste disposal is crucial for both environmental and public health. Professional services ensure that waste is handled, treated, and disposed of safely, reducing the risk of contamination and pollution. 

How do Waste Disposal Services contribute to sustainability? 

Efficient waste disposal services promote recycling and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. This helps conserve resources, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support a circular economy. 

Are there regulations governing Waste Disposal Services in the UK? 

Yes, waste disposal in the UK is governed by various regulations to ensure environmental protection and public safety. Service providers must adhere to these regulations, ensuring waste is managed responsibly. 

How do I choose the right waste disposal method for my needs? 

The choice depends on the type of waste, its volume, and specific disposal requirements. Consulting with a professional waste disposal service, like WowNow Hire, can provide guidance tailored to your needs. 

What are the costs associated with Waste Disposal Services? 

Costs can vary based on the type and volume of waste, disposal method, and service provider. It's advisable to get a quotation from a reputable service provider to understand the expenses involved. 

How do Waste Disposal Services handle hazardous waste? 

Hazardous waste requires special handling and disposal methods to prevent harm to the environment and people. Professional services have the expertise and equipment to manage such waste safely, adhering to all regulatory guidelines. 

Should I hire a Grab Lorry?  

Hiring a Grab Lorry can be a cost-effective solution for waste disposal. It ensures efficient waste collection without the need for permits or waste separation. 

What will a Grab Lorry take?  

Grab lorries can clear large quantities of various waste types, including recyclable materials or those sent to licensed waste disposal sites, such as earth/soil, concrete bricks, hardcore, topsoil, garden waste, general waste, rubble, and hazardous waste. However, there are limitations to what a Grab Lorry can accept. 

What are Roll on Roll off skips? 

Roll On Roll Off Skips (RoRo Skips) differ from traditional skips in their capacity and delivery method. RoRo skips can hold larger volumes, reducing waste transportation costs. 

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