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Difficult Waste

In Difficult Waste

WowNow Hire is experienced in handling difficult waste that falls in to specific compliance schemes including W.E.E.E., fluorescent light tubes, batteries, tyres, plaster board and more.

Our waste disposal services are compliant and we are often called upon to identify how to manage difficult waste streams.

Our aim is to provide cost effective solutions to manage your waste disposal and we can provide containment solutions, collection schedules or responsive collections.

In Difficult Waste

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Waste electrical and electronic equipment can be troublesome to dispose of at the end of life.

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Taking care of Fluorescent tubes and lamps needn’t be difficult.

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With batteries being classed as a hazardous waste stream it’s important to know that your waste contractor is looking after your legal compliance.

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Orphaned Gas Cylinders

Collection procedures, safe storage and cylinder retrieval schemes are high on most people’s agenda when discussing orphaned gas cylinders.

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Contaminated Soils

We place skips on site quickly to contain the excavated soils.

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The landfilling of Gypsum (Sulphate) with other biodegradable wastes has been prohibited in England and Wales since July 2005.

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Japanese Knotweed

Difficult to eradicate and easily spread, WowNow Hire is experienced in providing treatment, containment and secure removal of Japanese Knotweed.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Call WowNow Hire

  1. We have your total hire covered - Access, Plant, Site Accommodation, Waste, Tool, plus lots more
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We promise certaintyreliabilityease and speed.

We get it sorted.

Why we call ourselves WowNow
WowNow was chosen because we wanted a bold name that conveys who we are and what we deliver for our customers. WowNow means exceptional service delivered with certainty, reliability, ease and speed.

  • The ‘Wow’ certainty and reliability are represented by our ability to satisfy any order across all products anywhere in the UK and Ireland, and our excellent service delivery
  • The ‘Now’ ease and speed reflects our same day and last-minute hire delivery service and guaranteed off-hire promise.

We continue to deliver excellent customer service and are proud of the enthusiastic feedback we get from our customers via Trustpilot.

We explore improvements in what we do continuously, to wow our customers, to justify our WowNow name, and maintain our excellent Trustpilot score.

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